Gateway Back with a Treat

As schools sorted themselves out for the new school year the Community Team were soon back into the Gateway swing of things by visiting their regular schools on a fortnightly basis.

Phil James | 06/10/2015

And, following extensive talks and a lot of help from the players’ management and the squad, this year has seen a great benefit for the schools as players will accompany our officers on a regular basis.

First to enjoy this exciting development were Castle Park Primary of Monmouthshire and St. Woolos of Newport. Their usual development officer Janice Chappell turned up at her regular time, only on this day the pupils (and lots of the staff!) noticed someone extra alongside her.

They soon found out that the ’someone’ just happened to have been part of the initial summer Welsh squad and on coming back to Dragons duty was accomplished Dragons centre Jack Dixon who was eager to meet our young fans throughout the Region.

“This has been great fun” said a beaming Jack, “the kids have tried their best and have shown real effort”.

Janice said that having Jack with her following the great welsh win over England was a sure fire way of getting the kids into rugby.

“Jack Dixon’s fan clubs in the two schools we have been to today is far greater than that of even Taulupe, meeting a star rugby player has really been a fantastic boost to them” she said.

Both class teachers agreed that having Jack visit the school gave the whole place a lift. Mr. Keohane of Castle Park was delighted to see Jack in his school inspiring his kids and at St. Woolos head teacher Mrs Vaughan was very impressed by the impression Jack had made on her staff and pupils.

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