Parking On Parade Terms and Conditions

Contracted Parking at Rodney Parade, home of the Dragons, Newport County AFC and Newport RFC. Park at our place from £60 per month


Contract parking is available at Rodney Parade on a monthly or annual basis. Permit parking Monday to Friday excludes over night and weekends.

Prices start from £60 per month for a reserved space at our convenient location in the city centre, accessible all day and CCTV monitored. Terms and conditions apply.

If you'd like to find out more about this, please send your enquiries to carparking@dragonsrugby.wales or to book contact the Ticket office on 01633 674990

Car Parking Terms & Conditions

The following is a set of obligations for both yourself (the “Permit Holder) and ourselves (“WRU Gwent Stadium LTD) which define the extent of OUR respective duties in relation to the Car Parking agreement.

  1. Payment Conditions.
    1. Cost of Cark parking is £60 per month, inclusive of VAT. First month’s payment will be £80, inclusive of VAT, to include a £20 admin fee. Loss of any keys will be charged to the permit holder at £25 per key.
    2. You will be charged a pro-rata rate for the first month if you join after the 1st of each month. I.e. if join on the 15th of month you would pay £30 for the remainder of the month, plus the £20 admin payment.
    3. You will agree to be placed on an auto-renewal scheme that will, on the 1st of each month, charge £60 from the details given below.
    4. Cancellation: you may cancel your parking at any time with a 30 day notice. This must be done in person at the Dragons Ticket Office.
  2. Permit Holder Responsibilities.
    1. WRU Gwent Stadium will provide space for one vehicle per permit holder. Each permit will be designated to the holder vehicle and is non-transferable.
    2. Each pass must be clearly displayed on the wind shield or dash board at all times.
    3. There will be a £10 reprint fee for any lost passes.
    4. All permit holders are responsible for ensuring that all gates accessed are locked following use. Failure to comply will result in withdrawal of permits at the discretion of WRU Gwent Stadium.
  3. Conduct within Rodney Parade
    1. Anti-social behaviour will not be accepted in our Car Parks. This includes (but is not limited to) drinking alcohol, taking or dealing with illegal substances, fighting and/or loitering.  Car parks are designed for the sole purpose of parking vehicles. If an individual causes a nuisance or disturbance to others it may be recorded by CCTV cameras and action may be taken against them.
    2. You are not allowed to dispose of any items or drop litter in the Car Park. Please place any rubbish/litter in the bins that are provided or take it away with you when you leave the Car Park.
    3. You must not tow any vehicle into the Car Park except as part of the services offered at the Car Park by persons authorised by us and no work on and no cleaning of vehicles by you or your agent, other than with our prior specific permission, is permitted in the Car Park. In the event of vehicle breakdown you must contact a member of the security team to ensure that your vehicle removal or repair is organised without causing disruption, damage or danger to any other person or property in the Car Park
  4. Loss, theft or Damage.
    1. WRU Gwent Stadium accepts no liability for loss, theft or damage to your vehicle and/or any belongings left on site.
    2. If you damage another customer's vehicle you should report the matter to us giving the registration numbers of both vehicles. You must also notify the owner of the other vehicle by leaving a note on the windscreen of their vehicle providing your vehicle and contact details and any other details that are relevant to the incident
  5. Abandoned Vehicles
    1. We reserve the rights to engage and/or permit a lawful authority to remove (or where we are unable to identify the current legal registered keeper of the vehicle, to take steps ourselves to remove) and to dispose of as waste or sell any abandoned vehicle.  Before proceeding with the disposal or sale of abandoned vehicles we will:
    2. a)   Refer the matter to the appropriate authorities, which may include the local police and the DVLA; and
    3. b)   Affix a notice to the vehicle at least 7 days before the date on which we propose to remove the vehicle stating that the vehicle will be removed and sold when that period expires.
    4. Abandoned vehicles will be disposed of as waste or sold by auction.  Where sold by us, the proceeds of sale will be applied in and towards satisfaction of all sums owing to us together with the expenses of sale and our reasonable storage and removal costs for the period during which the vehicle is in our possession.
    5. Any balance of the sale proceeds remaining after satisfaction of any sums owing will be held by us on behalf of the registered keeper of the vehicle and paid over on proof of entitlement.
  6. Match and Event Day Parking Conditions.
    1. In align with stadium safety policies and safety certificate, permit holders may park within the ground up until 3 hours before the beginning of a match or event at WRU Gwent Stadium.
    2. Permit holders may park within the ground 2 hours post a match or event at WRU Gwent Stadium.
    3. Permit Holders that fail to adhere to these conditions with receive a warning following a first offence. A repeat offence will result in withdrawal of permits.
  7. WRU Gwent Stadium
    1. WRU Gwent Stadium reserves the right to review and adapt its parking policy at any time.
    2. WRU Gwent Stadium reserves the right to withdraw its car parking services at any time.
  8. Data

8.1 all data provided to us will always be kept secure and shredded when no longer required.

We will never pass on your data and we will only use it as detailed above.

If you have any queries relating to these Terms, please contact our Car Parking Services Department at Carparking@dragonsrugby.wales

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