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Dragons Community are excited to announce that we will be working in partnership with Re-engage, starting in 2021.

Re-engage are a charity who exists to support older people who live alone and find it hard to get out in normal times.

The Covid-19 crisis is particularly devastating for these people and many are feeling incredibly vulnerable, especially those with few family members or friends to talk to.

We are launching an ‘Active Together Group’ at Rodney Parade; the group aims to get over-75s more active and help reduce social isolation and loneliness in the surrounding area.

The first group aims to take place on 23rd February 2021 between 11am-1pm.

Re-engage are now looking for volunteers to help run the groups and help engage older people into the Newport Community.

Following the pandemic, we feel it is especially important to help over 75s get back to normal life and feel confident re-engaging into social activities and events moving forward.

If you believe you could help re-engage and Dragons to do this then please take a look at the roles available and apply using the link below:

Daring to Dream: Activity groups for older people in Wales (reengage.org.uk)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Beth Nesham (Re-engages Support Officer via email: Bethan.Nesham@Reengage.org.uk or call 02922790147

We look forward to working with you in 2021!

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