Dragons deliver 'Get Started in Rugby'


Staff from Dragons were proud to help deliver a ground-breaking rehabilitation programme in conjunction with Prince’s Trust Wales at HM Prison (HMP) and Young Offenders’ Institution (YOI) Parc.

HMP & YOI is committed to rehabilitation and reducing re-offending rates by leading the way in the delivery of innovative programmes.

Staff from Rodney Parade were invited into HMP & YOI in Bridgend for a week to help deliver the new ‘Get Started in Rugby’ programme, run with Prince’s Trust Wales.

The programme involved a series of short courses to engage young people, covering areas such as leadership, team building and rugby skills and games.

The WRU Tag Leaders Award was also delivered as part of the programme.

First team scrum half Tavis Knoyle was then invited along to perform the end of course presentations to those that had successfully taken part.

Mike Sage, Community Manager at Dragons, was thrilled to deliver the course and revealed the region would return to HMP & YOI in March for a second course.

“We had a fantastic group who were committed to learning, showed great respect and made every single day count during the week,” he said.

“Everyone deserves a second chance and we were thrilled to be part of this delivery. The group excelled in all the challenges and I’m sure have positive futures ahead.

“Our thanks go to our partners, EMW & Training Ltd and Newport Live, plus Nigel Way (WRU), for their help with this provision. We also thank Prince’s Trust Wales and HM Prison and Young Offenders’ Institution Parc for allowing us to be part of such an important project.”

Everyone deserves a second chance and we were thrilled to be part of this delivery...
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