Dragons Christmas Poster

The new Dragons community poster was released at the recent Toulouse fixture. Youngsters poured into the community suite to collect their early Christmas present.

Gemma James | 17/12/2008

Christmas comes early with Dragons 2009 team poster.


In what has quickly become established as a regular Dragons feature the new team poster is ready for collection. Once again the Dragons community team and long-term sponsors Warburtons have combined to produce a poster that can be proudly hung in all Dragons supporters homes.


Ever the inventive team we have sought to introduce a new angle on the poster so it is no longer simply a players sticker poster. The squad are all included in the main poster and this should stop any end of season disappointment for collectors who have missed a sticker or when we have run out of certain players, Gareth Baber in 06 and Lewis Evans last year spring to mind (although we thought that Bab’s might have taken a load with him when he left for the Blues).


Projects manager Mike Sage was beaming when he saw this seasons poster, “ The fans are going to love it” he declared, “we have mixed the colours for the poster and having included the players on the poster will save us from hours of sticking them very carefully on their appropriate place as we have had to do many, many times in the past.”


Mike also wanted to give a big thank you to Warburtons who have supported the project for over six years, “ Warburtons have always given us support and sponsorship and we are delighted with their help in producing this poster. I would also like thank All Print for their help and support this year” he added.


There are stickers to go on this years poster, Dragons jerseys with the healthy eating guidelines are available to all those who wish to complete their poster in the grand manner.


So for an early Christmas present get along to the Community Projects suite at Rodney Parade before each Dragons fixture and get your 2008 – 09 team poster absolutely free.
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