2020 Membership FAQ

2020/21 Membership FAQ

When is the deadline to renew my membership?

Season members have until 25th September to renew their membership, reserve their seat/place and receive absolute priority for admission or to any ballot allocation if capacity is reduced.

Purchasing membership by this date also means you can spread your payments from October 2020 to February 2021.

Can I come to Rodney Parade and renew my season ticket?

Rodney Parade is currently operating as a Covid-19 testing centre for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board with admission for testing by appointment only. Access to the stadium is off limits to the public, so you will not be able to renew your season ticket in person, but you can do so online or over the phone.

Because of this we have made a decision not to accept cash or cheque payments for 2020/21 season membership.

What if I refuse/don’t want to do it online or over the phone?

If you decide not to renew your ticket online, or over the phone, then you can CLICK HERE to download the renewal form from our website, print and complete it before returning it to Dragons Ticket office, Rodney Parade, Newport, NP19 0UU. 

Renewal forms are being printed, so you can also request a renewal form to be sent to you by post. Email ticketing@dragonsrugby.wales to request the form.

What if I want to pay for my season ticket in full now?

In light of the impact of coronavirus we are aware of the differing circumstances some of our supporters may face, so we are giving all season members the chance to renew by direct debit and spread payments from October to February. We hope this makes it easier to commit your support for this season. Please contact the Ticket office by phone to discuss other options.

How does the Direct Debit work?

To make it easy for our supporters in these uncertain times we will spread the payments for supporters over three equal instalments. The first payment will be taken on the 12th October 2020, the second on 1st December 2020 and the third on 1st February 2021. On payment of your Season Membership we will take the necessary details and send out notification for the second and third automatic payment. There will be no action required unless your bank account details have changed. 

Your payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. CLICK HERE to visit the Direct Debit website for more information. 

What do I do if I cancel my card or change my bank account details before the second or third payment?

You must inform the Dragons Rugby ticket office if there are any bank account changes that may affect the process of the direct debit. This can be done by calling us on 01633 674 990 or email ticketing@dragonsrugby.wales.

What do I do if I want to change my seat or membership category?

Due to the nature and uncertainty of the season ahead we are advising all season ticket holders to renew their current seat/place until such time as we have a clearer picture of when you will be able to gain admission to Rodney Parade.

When will we be allowed into the stadium to watch games?

The new season is expected to start on October 3 and whilst we look forward to welcoming supporters back to Rodney Parade, uncertainty remains about when supporters will be able to once again gain admission. 

The club awaits further public guidance on when national restrictions relating to attending live sports events might be lifted. However, with various trial events planned we are optimistic that there are positive moves towards a return to watching live sport, with UK government guidance raising hopes of a return from October.

We remain in regular contact with tournament organisers, the Welsh Rugby Union, along with public health authorities and we will make all supporters aware by email, on our website and across social media channels as soon as they can re-enter Rodney Parade.

When supporters are able to get back in to Rodney Parade to watch, what if the stadium capacity is reduced to facilitate social distancing?

If Stadium capacity is reduced to maintain social distancing, priority will be given to supporters who were first to purchase their 2020/21 membership (e.g. if an attendance of 2,000 is permitted, the first 2,000 to renew will be invited to attend. Figures for illustrative purposes only).

Will I be able to sit with my family and friends if/when we are able to return to watch?

There are no guarantees season members will be able to sit in the exact seats they have chosen to purchase, but by best endeavour Dragons will aim to sit households close together. You will be given priority to purchase your seat for the following (2021/22) season.

If I don’t get admission into Rodney Parade, will I get a refund?

It’s clear admission to fixtures will not be possible during the renewal period and it may be some time before things return to what we were accustomed to prior to the pandemic. We are committed to providing value for our supporters and with payments spread from October to February we hope this improves affordability for supporters whilst also giving all parties more time to better understand the evolving situation. Direct debit payments are protected and give supporters control over their payments, so we do not intend to offer a refunds for any games missed this season, instead if there is a significant delay to supporters returning to see fixtures, beyond what can be reasonably expected at this stage then a credit system will be explored.

I can’t remember my login details to renew online?

You can request a password reset by going to the sign in area of the e-ticketing site and click on “Forgot your login details?” (Please allow up to 24 hours for this email reminder to be sent whilst also keeping an eye on your junk or spam folders).

I have signed in to my account, but can’t see my renewal online?

Please check the client reference number that should be located next to your name in the top right corner under “My Account” this number should match the client reference number on the top right corner of your season ticket. 

I normally renew multiple season tickets but can only see mine online?

Each individual season ticket holder must have their account activated online and then all accounts must be linked. 

I believe the price of my season ticket may be incorrect?

Please email the ticket office on ticketing@dragonsrugby.wales with your Client Reference number and membership details and we will try to help.

I have previously received a season membership discount, but it does not appear to have been applied?

The system will offer a standard rate for your season membership. In order to apply any form of discount please email the Rodney Parade ticket office on ticketing@dragonsrugby.wales or call us on 01633 674990.

Previously my son/daughter has received a free season ticket and there is now a charge/value against this?

The free junior membership promotion has now come to an end. Junior Membership is now priced £24, which is excellent value. 

I want to renew my ticket but also purchase new season memberships?

Due to the nature and uncertainty of the season ahead, we are giving existing members the opportunity to complete their renewals first. Once we have received more information on when and how many supporters will be able to enter the stadium, we will open season tickets to new members.

I wasn’t a season ticket holder last season but I have been previously, can I purchase a season ticket now?

Due to the nature and uncertainty of the season ahead, we are giving existing membership the opportunity to complete their renewals first. Once we have received more information on when and how many supporters will be able to enter the stadium, we will open season tickets up to new members. 

Can I buy my Premier Lounge passes at the same time?

Due to situation at the start of this new season, Premier Lounge membership is not currently active, but if you were a Premier member during 2019/20 season then you will be offered that place again first for next season.

Will I receive a season ticket card like in previous years?

Yes, all season ticket holders will receive a brand new 2020/21 season membership card, which will be sent out prior to the season starting.

How can I update my address so that my season card can be delivered to the correct place?

Log in to your eticketing account to check and update your address details. If you arent able to do this, please email the ticket office at ticketing@dragonsrugby.wales

Are there any additional costs when purchasing a season ticket?

There will be a £1 transaction fee per season membership renewal.

I would like to speak to somebody in person?

Please call the ticket office  on 01633 674 990 or email ticketing@dragonsrugby.wales so this can be arranged.

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